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If you are looking for an Accounting & Payroll online system, we advise you to get in touch with

If you use the code COVERLETTER you will get the 1st month for free and one hour consultation with a senior advisor. is the perfect accounting platform for SME’s and solopreneurs. is one part app (web portal & mobile app) and another part a Certified Accountant who checks the accounting transactions and certifies the result of the process.

How does it work?

You provide the accounting documents via scan, email, web app. We book them, create reports and take care of the statutory reporting.

You have access to the documents, data, and all the reports so you are in control of your company.

This is the complete accounting & payroll package.

Everything is in one place – there is a single source of truth.

What if I am a beginner? I’ve never had a company before.

We have extended resources you can use at your own pace.

The more you use the platform, the better understanding you will have of what it can do for you.

Even if you make a mistake – it’s not the end of the world - we will see it quickly and help you correct it.

You do not have to have accounting knowledge – we avoid technical jargon.

If some of the issues are too complex – ask us in Connect.

Why Keez?

Excellent accountants

It is tough to find a good accountant – you have no way of interviewing them.

Keez has a team of 50 accountants (and growing), all certified and highly trained.

Due to the nature of the platform – if the accountant we select is not right for you – you can change accountants with 0 costs (No more transferring documents & databases – we just allocate a different accountant).

Keez can perform a large array of double checks on the accounting data so potential issues or non-standard transactions will be found and solved quickly.

Fast processing

Instantly send all your bank statements, invoices, and receipts to be processed using the mobile application. You will see it in the reports within 2 hours.

Accounting advice

The platform is designed so that you cannot make mistakes. Even if you do, we’ll help you correct them quicker.

You can always contact us - Connect (a communication system embedded in the platform) is here to help.

Invoicing system

We don’t just print pdfs of invoices – you cannot issue an incorrect invoice using Keez. No more searching for VAT legislation, VAT codes for your EU or Romania partners – we have the data and we check everything before the invoice is issued.

Integrations (Banks & large Import files)

We are in the beginning stages (right now we get the statements only from Libra Bank) but we are trying to expand the system to include multiple banks.

In any case, a statement of account downloaded from your bank will be instantly processed in Keez.

If you have a high number of similar transactions – we can import them. We support several established invoice templates and are always adding new ones. We can even adjust to custom ones

Keez Mobile Application/Online Web App

You no longer have to carry bags of documents to and from your accountant. You have access to all your documents and reports in the mobile app.

No need for backups, no risk of losing or misplacing your accounting data.

You can take advantage of a full set of management and accounting reports.                     

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